Fairytale Life (The Wish)

Fairytale Life (The Wish) is a song from 2022 Disney musical live-action film “Disenchanted“. The song is sung by Giselle and performed by Amy Adams.

Fairytale Life (The Wish) Lyrics

Once upon a time,
Back there in Andalasia,
Rules were clear and colors didn’t fade.
Once you found your happily ever after,
Your happily ever after always stayed.

And then I journeyed here,
Where True Love’s Kiss was waiting,
Met my prince, became his princess-wife.
But was my ever after just temporary?
How I miss that fairytale life.

Where you wake each day
And nothing’s changed
And your daughter doesn’t
Feel… estranged.

I thought I’d found a place
Where I could make things better,
But all I did was change where I would fail.
Oh, what do if I do if I don’t belong
Where life can never be a fairytale?
Where life can never be a fairy…

Look, Pip! It’s the Wand of Wishes. That’s the answer. If I want happiness, I need to make things the way I want them to be!

And so I make this wish
Where life is so confusing
And pain can cut you sharper than a knife:
I wish we that we all would live someplace where
Songs of the flowers spring in the air
And ogres and dragons are all that is scary.
Give us all a fairytale life!
I wish…
We had a fairytale life…

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