The New Barry

The New Barry is a song from Amazon live-action film Cinderella (2021) The song is sung by Town Crier and performed by Ben Bailey Smith.

The New Barry Lyrics

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye
Hey, hear ye, uh
I’m the new town crier,
yeah, I took over from Barry
I know we all miss him,
but he died of dysentery
So now I’m here with
the announcements of the day
Got my band beside me, I know
you like the way they play

Today we got news
for you ladies and gents
A changing of the guard
is soon gonna commence
But this one is special,
better than the shire fair
‘Cause this time the whole
royal family will be there

Oh, yeah
King Rowan, of course,
and our Queen Beatrice
In their fancy royal robes,
you don’t wanna miss
Prince Robert with the hair,
Princess Gwen, no doubt
See the new guards come in
and the old roll out

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