The Tale of Steven

The Tale of Steven is an opening song from musical television film “Steven Universe: The Movie” which is based on the Cartoon Network TV Series “Steven Universe”. The song is sung by White Diamond, Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond and performed by Christine Ebersole, Lisa Hannigan and Patti LuPone.

The Tale of Steven Lyrics

White: Steven
Everyone believes in
Blue and Yellow: Everyone believes in
White, Blue, and Yellow: Steven,
White: All across the universe
Yellow: Ever compassionate,
Blue: Can you imagine it?
White Even with us at our worst?

Blue: Hybrid son of a Diamond,
Yellow: Human son of a Rose,
White, Blue, and Yellow: What a revelation,
He’s a revolution,
A Gem that loves and grows!

White: Steven,
Have you heard the tale of
Blue and Yellow: Have you heard the tale of
White, Blue, and Yellow: Steven?
Always putting others first,
Can you imagine it?
Ever compassionate,
Steven Universe!

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