Together Forever

Together Forever is a song from Disney’s TV Series The Ghost and Molly McGee season 1 episode 1 “The Curse / First Day Frights”. The song is sung by Molly McGee and Scratch and performed by Ashly Burch and Dana Snyder.

Together Forever Lyrics

Molly: Together forever
My best friend and me (Blech!)
We’re stickin’ together
For the rest of eternity

Scratch: Leave, Molly McGee!
Molly: Ooh‐hoo‐hoo, hold that pose.
Aw, look at your little face.
All right, let’s do this!

We’ll be joined at the hip
Forever and ever
Like an insane surgeon
Sewed us together
‘Cause we’ve got
A bond so deep
It touches my soul
Scratch: Why me?!

Molly: And you’re never alone
‘Cause we’re never apart
Like a parasitic worm
I live in your heart
It’s you and I
Best friends for life
With no chance of parole
Together forever
And ever and ever
BFF, fun, wow!
It’s gotta be (Scratch: I give up.)
Molly: My best friend and me!

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