Training Montage

Training Montage is a song from Disney TV Show “Gravity Falls” season 1 episode 6 “Dipper vs. Manliness”. The song plays during Dipper’s training with the Manotaurs and Mabel’s training with Stan.

Training Montage Lyrics

When a tiger roars and the mountain cries
You gotta dream the dream, you gotta win the prize
You gotta go the miles, you gotta face the trials

Never lose sight of the sights you see
You gotta believe your beliefs are real
Now you’re drinking from a fire hydrant
Teach your uncle how to wear a cummerbund
Now you’re gonna jump a crazy gorge
Keep on shavin’ that hairy uncle

Uh… I don’t really know what’s happenin’ in this part
Oww! Your heart’s on fire and the fire is in your heart!

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