Welcome to Centaurworld

Centaurworld (Welcome to Centaurworld) is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 1 episode 1 “Hello Rainbow Road”. The song is sung by Horse, Wammawink, Durpleton, Zulius, Glendale and Ched and performed by Kimiko Glenn, Megan Hilty, Josh Radnor, Parvesh Cheena, Megan Nicole Dong and Chris Diamontopolous. The ending of the song is used as series intro.

Welcome to Centaurworld Lyrics

Hey, new friend
I’m glad you made it
What is this?
Hey, new friend
As long as you are with us
You are home
It really sounds like
Where you’re from is overrated
Who you are again?
But now you’re here
We’re never gonna leave you alone
(We have no sense of boundaries!)

Cause you made it to Centaurworld
And nothing better represents our world
Than this colorful collection of singing and dancing
Half-animal, half-ma things
You’re meeting here today

You’re welcome in Centaurworld
It’s the place where
All your new friends are, girl
We’re all different
But we’re always together
It’s splendid
We’re kind of codependent
But we’re happier this way!

I mean, technically, sure
We were at war
With a ruthless horde
Of invaiding warriors
(Shh! We agreed not to talk about that.)

But hey
Let’s just pretend it’s okay
You made it to Centaurworld!
Join our herd of centaur boys and girls
And I promise you will never find
Anywhere friendlier
Fun never ends
When you’re living in
In Centaurworld

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