What Would You Say

What Would You Say is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 2 episode 4 “Holes: Part 3”. The song is sung by Durpleton and Stabby and performed by Josh Radnor and Dee Bradley Baker.

What Would You Say Lyrics

What would you say to your son? 
That’s the problem, you see
Anything I could say
He already knows
‘Cause I said all the things
That a dad’s supposed to say
I was talking
When I should have listened
And then my boy ran away

That’s the problem, you see
That’s the problem, you see 
It’s me 
No, I… I… I’m me.
No. It’s me 
But, yeah, that’s what I call myself.
Come on, get with it.
It’s me, Phillip J. Bonecrunch
You’re my Daddleton
And I’m your…
My… My son-leton?

Oh, wait, it’s you!
It’s me
It’s really you 
And there’s so much that I would like
To say to you now that you’re listenin’
Wait, you can talk now?
I can talk now, Dad
I always could, in perfect sentences
But you never seemed to wanna hear
The things I had to say
And now we’re two guysIn a hole 
A daddy and his Stabby

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