Who Is She?

Who Is She? is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 1 episode 7 “Johnny Teatime’s Be Best Competition: A Quest for the Sash”. The song is sung by Horse and cataurs and performed by Kimiko Glenn, Megan Hilty and Megan Nicole Dong.

Song starts from 1:14

Who Is She? Lyrics

Horse: Let’s win this sash.
Cataurs: Who is she?
Horse: This girl is super fancy
She sings, she struts, she dances
Her magic’s so inspired
Cataurs: Yes, but who is she?
Horse: This girl is fire
Zulius, are these heels getting higher?
Grin and bear it like a l-l-l-l-liar
Oh, oh, I’m gonna fake it
Till you give that sash to me

Horse: Okay. Which one
of you catty jerks tripped me?
It was the Glitter Cats, wasn’t it?
Cataurs: Nope. Wasn’t us.
Horse: Oh yeah.
I see it in your dumb guilty faces.
Cataurs: Don’t know what you’re talking about.
Horse: Know what, Glitter Cats? You’re right.
Cataurs: We know.
Horse: I’m not cut out for this.
Cataurs: Plot twist!

Horse: This is not working.
This isn’t working
This isn’t working 
No! No!
I’m sorry, Zulius. But as you would say,
I just can’t even right now.

Who is she? 
She is strong
But she hides her fears inside
Who is she?
She won’t stop till she’s home
Who is she?
She’s a warrior
She has stared the darkness in the eye

She is flawed
But she’s learning
She is odd
But she’s yearning for someone worth it
This is hard
But she’s worth it

Hey, Johnny
I might not be your cup of tea
But there’s no cat here
In this valley quite like me
Here I am for all to see
When you’re asking
Who is she?

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