Who’s That Girl

Who’s That Girl is a song from Disney TV Show “Gravity Falls” season 2 episode 4 “Sock Opera”. The song is sung by puppets.

Who’s That Girl Lyrics

Candy: Gather round and let us sing
about a girl, who had almost everything…

Dipper: Look, it’s Mabel!
Mabel: Hi there!
Soos: Did you say stable?
Stan: No, he said Mabel!
Mabel: Ok, hit it boys!

Who’s that girl with the pig and braces
She puts smiles on everyone’s faces
When she’s around you’re never bored

Mayor:I am a mayor, I give an award!

Mabel:Thank you, mayor. It’s true I’m great
But the perfect girl, needs the perfect maaaaaaate!

Gabe: Hey wassup, I’m Gabe.


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