Widdle Ol Me

Widdle Ol Me is a song from Disney TV Show “Gravity Falls” season 1 episode 4 “The Hand That Rocks the Mabel”. The song is sung by Gideon Gleeful and performed by Thurop Van Orman.

Widdle Ol Me Lyrics

Oh, I can see, what others can’t see
It ain’t some sideshow trick, it’s innate ability
Where others are blind, I am futurely inclined
And you too could see, if you was widdle ol’ me!

Come on, everybody, rise up! I want y’all to keep it going!

Dipper: Wha—? ‘How did he—?
Gideon: Keep it going!
You wish your son would call you more
Old lady: I’m leaving everything to my cats!
Cat: Meow!
Gideon: I sense that you’ve been here before
Sheriff Blubs: Oh, what gave it away?
Dipper: Come on.

Gideon: I’ll read your mind if I’m able
Something tells me your name’s Mabel
Mabel: How’d he do that?

So welcome all ye… to the Tent of Telepathy
And thanks for visiting… widdle ol’ me!

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