Wild Uncharted Waters

Wild Uncharted Waters is a song from 2023 Disney musical live-action film “The Little Mermaid (2023)“. The song is sung by Prince Eric and performed by Jonah Hauer-King.

Wild Uncharted Waters Lyrics

(Ah, ah
Ah, ah)

All I ever wanted
Was the open sea and sky
Freedom from the life I always knew
Now all I am is haunted
As days and hours roll by
All I ever think about is you
There you are (Ah), over me (Ah)
Taking me with your song to (Ah)

Wild uncharted waters
Miles beyond the sea
I was darkness bound, I had almost drowned
‘Til you came around, and you found me

Now I am on the shoreline
But I’m still lost at sea
In these wild uncharted waters
Come find me again

All I do is wonder
Who you are and where you’ll bе
In my mind, your melody goes on
Stronger than thе undertow
The night you rescued me
Silhouetted by the rising dawn

Oh (Ah), over you (Ah)
I cannot get over you (Ah)
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In wild uncharted waters
Beyond where man can see
When your eyes outshine the horizon line
And you’re finally real, here beside me
I’m right here on the shoreline
I’m right where you left me
And your voice is like
A siren that guides me to

Wild uncharted waters
Alone, just you and me
And I hope you’re there in the open air
There’s no map or compass to guide me, no
Time may change the shoreline
But time will not change me
If it takes my life
I will finally find you again
In uncharted waters
Come find me again

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