Andrea Theme Song Takeover

Andrea Theme Song Takeover is a parody song from Disney’s TV Series The Ghost and Molly McGee. The song is sung by Andrea Davenport, Molly McGee and Scratch and performed by Jules Medcraft, Ashly Burch and Dana Snyder.

Andrea Theme Song Takeover Lyrics

Andrea: I’m the star of the show
Molly: No, this isn’t your…
Andrea: I’ve got this, you can go
Scratch: Ow!
Andrea: Please follow that smash button
So that you don’t miss a pose
Scratch: I’m subscribed

Andrea: I’ll show off all I got
Molly: Like your own private yacht?
Andrea: Like my own private yacht!
Molly: Seriously?
Andrea: Cling to me
My big break
“The Andrea Show”
Scratch: She’s a brat
Molly: What’s with the hat?
Andrea: I said, you can go

Swipe to put this in your cart
Scratch: Moll, don’t you dare click on that heart – No!
Andrea: We should add
“Most Fab”, “Andrea Show”
That’s me!
Molly: Oh, jeez
Andrea: The Most Fab Andrea Show!

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