Meet Our Leader

Meet Our Leader is a song from Phineas and Ferb the Movie Candace Against the Universe. The song is sung by aliens and performed by Aaron Daniel Jacob and Laura Dickinson.

Meet Our Leader Lyrics

You’re probably so excited
Though you try to hide it
Here’s a horn, you can give a toot
We are the welcome service
And we know you’re nervous
You’re about to meet the leader of Feebla-Oot

You’ll be blown away
So put your phone away
You’re gonna say, “Wow Holy cow!”
You’re about to meet her
Our glorious leader
You’re about to meet her right…

After we open these doors
But, first, another tourist
‘Cause we still got some verses to sing
It’s kind of entrancing
Havе you noticed the dancing?
But really, Peter’s solo is everything

You’re a lowly peasant
When you bask in the presence
But we’ll give you this one solemn vow:
You’re about to meet her
Our glorious leader!
You’re about to meet her right…

After this message from our sponsor
Paloga Brite!
We use it to clean these lovely…

Doors you’re scoping
Which we promise to open
‘Cause that’s just what you’re hopin’ we’ll do
And we’ll keep singin’ this song
We know it’s takin’ so long…

Eh, we’ll open ’em now

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