Awesome Feeling

Awesome Feeling is a song from Disney TV Show “Star vs. The Forces Of Evil” season 2 episode 10a “Friendenemies”. The song is sung by boy band Love Sentence and performed by Nick Lachey. 

Despite the gray preview the video works

Awesome Feeling Lyrics

Awesome feeling
Nothing’s gonna take us down
At first I turned my head, but then
You really turned my day around

Awesome feeling
We’re burning bullies, looking fine
We’ll do whatever ’cause it’s fun
With you, I think I’d never lose my

Awesome feeling
We started out as friend-nemies
But then you opened up to me
And found that we have chemistry

And you were like, “ooh-ahh-ooh”
And I was like, “ooh-eee-ooh”
White tiger’s like, “ooh-ahh-ooh”

All right!

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