Deep Fried Food

Deep Fried Food is a song from Disney’s TV Series The Ghost and Molly McGee season 1 episode 10 “Festival of Lights / Saving Christmas”. The song is sung by Scratch and performed by Dana Snyder.

Deep Fried Food Lyrics

Scratch: I get a whiff
And all at once
I’m yearning
Your oily fragrance puts me in the mood
My heart goes pitter pitter pat
For that vat of liquid fat
Oh, I’m deep in love
With deep fried food

I tremble at the sight
Of jelly donuts
Libby: Sufganiyot.
Scratch: Gesundheit.
Hash browns
Make me come unglued
Libby: Um, these are latkes.
Scratch: Can we fry the empanadas?
Give me egg rolls and frittas
Give me fish and chips
Chicken strips
And whoo!
Hush puppies, too
Libby: Uh, we’re kinda losing
the Hanukkah thread here…

Scratch: Throw away the crudités
All I want is you
I don’t mind
The greasy stains
When you’re gone
I eat those, too
(Eat those, too)
I’ve never ever known
A love so deep and true
As the love that I feel
For deep fried food…

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