History of Hanukkah

History of Hanukkah is a song from Disney’s TV Series The Ghost and Molly McGee season 1 episode 10 “Festival of Lights / Saving Christmas”. Libby tells about Hanukkah.

History of Hanukkah Lyrics

Their temple was dark,
destroyed by the fight.
All they had was
a few drops of oil to light.
But the flame kept burning
all through the night.
“Look,” they said, “Still lit.”

The next day, the third day,
the fourth day again,
as they rebuilt
the sacred spaces within.
Their temples, menorahs,
stood up to the wind.
“Look,” they said, “Still lit.”

They marveled, happily
wondering why
as the sixth
and seventh days went by.
“It must be a miracle
sent from on high.”
“Look,” they said, “Still lit.”

In the end, it was eight days
and nights it would last
till the temple was fixed
by the light that it cast.
“We weathered the worst,
the storms have blown past.
“And look! Still lit.”

When I think of that story,
deep down I know that no matter
the battles we fight as we go,
inside of us all,
a Hanukiah grows.
And look…
Still lit.

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