Marcy Theme Song Takeover

Marcy Theme Song Takeover is a song from Disney Channel TV Show Amphibia. The song is sung by Marcy and performed by Haley Tju.

Marcy Theme Song Takeover Lyrics

Woke up in Newtopia where I fell down a flight of stairs
Broke my leg but luckily the newts have free public health care
So then I became a loyal ranger and I fought this creepy cult
Kept folks out of danger slaying a killer cobra with a catapult

I lived on a warship
Became a flipwart champion
Soon I was the king’s trusted advisor
I studied salamander brains
Tried bug appetizers
And for fun DMed some campaigns

Okay, if you want to pick up the longsword I need you to roll for a Strength check
Because your character is, like a little wood elf and, uh… This’ll be fun eventually, guys. Trust me.

I love it in Amphibia
So much adventure still to see
Hope nothing bad ever happens to me

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