Fit Right In (Izzy’s Song)

Fit Right In is a song from My Little Pony: A New Generation Movie. It is sung by Izzy Moonbow and performed by Kimiko Glen (in the film). The songs was revealed by Singing Izzy Toy. My little pony 4 Generation TV Series also has the song with the title “Fit Right In” which was sung by Rarity and Yona.

Fit Right In Lyrics

This is how a unicorn struts, oh!
Watch you shake your unicorn butt
Now you’re in the unicorn know
Soon you’ll be a unicorn glow

Oh, a unicorn horn makes a unicorn stride
It’s the warhead on your forehead, it’s the source of your pride
Every unicorn who’s born is borne a horn that’s unique
So I’ll whip them up if you seek, you be lookin’s très magnifique!

This is how a unicorn walks
This is how a unicorn talks
Now you’re looking unicorn gold
This is how a unicorn ends its song

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