Hero of Brighton

Hero of Brighton is a song from Disney’s TV Series The Ghost and Molly McGee season 1 episode 8 “Monumental Disaster / Talent Show”.

Hero of Brighton Lyrics

Listen to the story I’m about to tell
About a man from Brighton they know so well
He was big and strong
But never mean!
He got his biceps from a turnip green

Once a tornado
Was headed towards town
Ezekiel threw his lasso
And wrestled it down
Everyone cheered
And started to sing
Ezekiel said
It ain’t nothin’ but a thing

Ezekiel Tugbottom
Ezekiel Tugbottom
The hero…
Hero… hero…
Hero of Brighton

Hero of Brighton Reprise Lyrics

I had to revise the story I told
As it turns out he was not so bold
It was his sister Sally who had heroic genes
Ezekiel didn’t even like turnip greens

He never actually hugged that bear
And when he saw that tornado
He froze with terror
It was Sally who saved him
With the lasso pulled
The story of Ezekiel
Is a bunch of Bull

Ezekiel Tugbottom
Ezekiel Tugbottom
He’s no hero
Hero… hero…
Hero of Brighton

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