One of a Kind

One of a Kind is a song from Netflix Original series “Ridley Jones” season 1 episode 2 “Fly Like an Eagle/My Dinner with Ismat”. The song is sung by Dudley and performed by David Errigo Jr. The reprise of the song is sung by Ridley and performed by Iara Nemirovsky.

One of a Kind Lyrics

When you’re one of a kind
Life can get lonesome
One of a kind
You’re all on your ownsome
Oh, how it stinks
That the brink of extinction’s a grind
When you’re one of a kind

One of a kind
Never together
One of a kind
With birds of a feather
You may have heard
It’s absurd how a bird is maligned
When you’re one of a kind

It’s such an emotional load
When the rest of your kind
Goes the way of the dodo!

I’m one of a kind
Lost and unfriended
One of a kind
My species has ended!
I can attest you get stressed
Empty nests put a bird in a bind
And even your feathers feel blue
Just like you
When you’re one of a kind

One of a Kind Reprise Lyrics

Song starts from 3:28

So you’re one of a kind
There’s only one of you
One of a kind
But that’s why we love you
Who could replace that sweet face?
Not a trace of a doubt in my mind
That you’re one of a kind

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