My Two Dads and Me

My Two Dads and Me is a song from Netflix Original series “Ridley Jones” season 1 episode 2 “Fly Like an Eagle/My Dinner with Ismat”. The song is sung by Ismat and performed by Ashlyn Madden.

Song starts from 0:50

My Two Dads and Me Lyrics

I must admit
I love the banquets and the bowing
And OM-Ra
This crown feels perfect on my head
But there are days when even with
The sweet subservient kowtowing
I’d like to be a normal kid instead

Sometimes I long to be
An ordinary family
Just my two dads and me

I love the way my subjects
Dote upon their leader
And all this fanning
Well, I’m totally a fan
You wouldn’t think a queen could tire
Of her own personal grape-feeder
But every now and then
I guess she can

Sometimes there’s something
I would rather be than royalty
Just my two dads and me

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