Royally Afraid

Royally Afraid is a song from Netflix Original series “Ridley Jones” season 1 episode 3 “Un-Fit for a Queen/Peaches, We Have a Problem”. The song is sung by Ismat and performed by Ashlyn Madden.

Royally Afraid Lyrics

A queen should rule the Nile
With a fearless sense of style
She ought to be immune
To such inconsequential frights
A queen should not routinely
Feel anxious and un-queenly
Any time somebody goes
And turns out all the lights
A queen should be audacious
If slightly ostentatious
She shouldn’t be so royally afraid

A queen should run her nation
Without fear or trepidation
That’s the way a leader
Makes her legendary mark
Intrepid and empowered
She shouldn’t be a coward
A scaredy-Sphinx
Afraid of something silly like the dark

Adventurous and daring
As bold as what she’s wearing
Why am I so royally afraid?
A queen should not be royally afraid

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