Welcome to Heaven

Welcome to Heaven is a song from adult animated series “Hazbin Hotel” season 1 episode 6 “Welcome to Heaven”. The song is sung by St. Peter, Emily and Sera and performed by Darren Criss, Shoba Narayan and Patina Miller.

Welcome to Heaven Lyrics

St. Peter: Dearly beloved, it is my pleasure to say unto thee
Welcome to Heaven, oh-oh
Where the virtuous reside 24/7, oh-oh
People are happy that they died
‘Cause here we got no worries, got no burglaries, no strife
It’s the perfect afterlife

Welcome to Heaven, oh-oh
Check out our sick décor, the spirits leaven, oh!
Please keep your brimstone off the floor
We’ve got the best and brightest, the politest of the lot
And everyone is hot

Emily: Gosh, I’m so pleased to show some outsiders around
After you see around, you’ll never wanna go back down

Sera: Of course, it is just temporary
I’m sorry you can’t stay

St. Peter and Emily: ‘Cause every single day in Heaven is a happy day
Welcome to Heaven, yeah

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