You Didn’t Know

You Didn’t Know is a song from adult animated series “Hazbin Hotel” season 1 episode 6 “Welcome to Heaven”. The song is sung by Charlie, Vaggie, Adam, Lute, Sera and Emily and others and performed by Erika Henningsen, Stephanie Beatriz, Alex Brightman, Jessica Vosk, Patina Miller and Shoba Narayan.

You Didn’t Know Lyrics

Emily: But she was right, Sera
She showed us a soul can improve
He saw the light, Sera
Checked all the boxes that you said would
Prove a person deserves a second chance
Now we turn our backs, no second glance?

Sera: It’s not as simple as you think
Not everything is spelled in ink
Charlie: It’s not fair, Sera
Vaggie: Careful, Charlie, keep a cool head
Charlie: No! Don’t you care, Sera?
That just because someone is dead, it doesn’t
Mean they can’t resolve to change their ways
Turn the page, escape infernal blaze

Sera: I’m sure you wish it could be so
But there’s a lot that you don’t know

Lute: What are we even talkin’ about?
Some crack-wh*re who f*cked up already?
He blew his shot, like the c*cks in his mouth
This discussion is senseless and petty

Adam and Lute: There’s no question to be posed
He’s unholy, case closed
Did you forget that Hell is forever?

Adam: A man only lives once
we’ll see you in one month
Gotta say, I can’t wait to
Sera: Adam…
Adam: Come down and exterminate you

Emily: Wait!
Adam: Sh*t!
Emily: What are you saying?
Let me get this straight
You go down there and kill those poor souls?
Charlie: You didn’t know?

Adam: Whoops!
Lute: Guess the cat’s out of the bag
Adam: What’s the big deal?

Emily: Sera, tell me that you didn’t know
Sera: I thought, since I’m older
It’s my load to shoulder
Emily: No!

Sera: You have to listen, it was such a hard decision
I wanted to save you, the anguish it takes to
Do what was required

Emily: To think that I admired you, well
I don’t need your condescension
I’m not a child to protect
Was talk of virtue just pretension?
Was I too naive to expect you
To heed the morals you’re purveying?
Charlie: That’s what the f*ck I’ve been saying!

Charlie and Emily: If Hell is forever, then Heaven must be a lie
Sera: Emily!
Charlie and Emily: If angels can do whatever, and remain in the sky
The rules are shades of gray when you don’t do as you say
When you make the wretched suffer just to kill them again

Charlie: I was told not to trust in angels
Adam: By her?
Lute: Ha! She should know
Vaggie: We should go

Charlie: No!
Don’t you see? We’ve come so close
Look at them fighting, they’re at each other’s throats

Adam: Don’t you act all high and mighty
Did you ever think your little girlfriend might be a liar?
Vaggie: Don’t, Adam, please!
Adam: What’s the fuss?
Why hide the fact that you’re an angel just like us?

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