Shining Through

Shining Through is a song from TV Series “Steven Universe Future” episode 8 “Why So Blue?”. The song is sung by Lapis Lazuli and performed by Jennifer Paz.

Shining Through Lyrics

Why so bluuu-uu-uuue,
So many shades of sorrow
got mixed into my hue.

I’m tired of the fighting.
I’m tired of the blame.
That mirror was a prison,
and fusion was the same.

What’s with these new sensations
that suddenly appear?
Deep as the roaring ocean.
Free as the atmosphere.

Why so bluuu-uu-uuue?
So many different reasons,
but are they really true?
I wanna keep on going.
Wanna be right here with you.
I’d love to see your colors shining
I’d love to see your colors shining

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