Steven Universe Future

Steven Universe Future is an American animated TV series created by Rebecca Sugar. It serves as an epilogue series to Steven Universe, taking place after Steven Universe: The Movie which itself is two years after the original series. It premiered on Cartoon Network on December 7, 2019, and ended with a four-part finale consisting of the episodes “Homeworld Bound”, “Everything’s Fine”, “I Am My Monster”, and “The Future” on March 27, 2020. It includes 9 songs.

Steven Universe Future Theme Song

Steven Universe Future Songs:

  1. The Tidying Song
  2. Shining Through
  3. Looking Forward
  4. Cam’s Camshafts
  5. I’d Rather Be Me (With You)
  6. Dear Old Dad
  7. Mr. Universe
  8. My Little Reason Why
  9. Cookie Cat

Steven Universe: The Movie Songs

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