Stop, Drop, Roll

Stop, Drop, Roll is a song from Dreamworks animated film “The Bad Guys”. The song is performed by Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.

Song starts from 4:30

Stop, Drop, Roll Lyrics

Hooked on hip hop phonics, yeah it works for me
So jump aboard, yeah this train is free
The conductor – Let me toot my whistle
The instructor of the funky uncle fizzle
We be dancin on a lake when it ain’t froze over
We be walkin on water while you’re sinkin your rover
If you step any close you’ll be eatin’ some teeth
So please step back, I entreat

(I dish deep like deep dish supreme
Step large walk hard on a two man team (Yup!)
Gangsta lean, I’m Kitchen Clean
We gettin’ clout like a carnivore gots gout
So shout out loud
All you party people bring it when the time is decreed
Your feet are in need of a one step, two step
TCB like Bubba Ho-Tep baby)

Roll, Roll

(Look, tonights the night. P Dot Early’s on the mic
I came to get the party hyped
Dressed to the nines, punchline
I got more dimes than a fourth grade lunchline
I’m gonna get mine, mine
Stake mine, really. Chi-Town cat gettin cheese like philly
Order steak at the grilly, I flow chilly
Put jokes on every rapper, like Laffy Taffy silly
Look, I make the groove get down
I love the way she shake that little ghetto booty girl like (Oh!)
Hold up. Touch your knees to your elbows
She like my kicks, I betcha Nike don’t sell those
But I bet you sweat your weave out the velcro
Let your milk shake, put them fries on the track
Let me fill your order girl, I’m a Big Mac
And you’s a chicken nugget head, dip it in my chitchat)


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