That Distant Shore

That Distant Shore is a song from Cartoon Network TV Series “Steven Universe” season 5 episode 17 “Can’t Go Back”. The song is sung by Lapis Lazuli and performed by Jennifer Paz.

That Distant Shore Lyrics

Lapis: It all became so lovely
Those bluest skies above me
Those funny feelings I had never felt before I met you
I thought I’d stay a while
I tried to learn to smile
So many colors I had never even known
Maybe I’ll find myself sitting on that distant shore
Maybe I’m not alone

Then I see the colors fading
Gentleness of light escaping
Shadows of my fear invading
Have I seen this all before?
I know that there’s something residing
A terror deep inside me
I couldn’t understand how you could be so bold
Maybe I’ll find myself smiling on that distant shore
Maybe I’m not alone

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