The Ghost and Molly McGee Theme Song

The Ghost and Molly McGee Theme Song is an oppening song from Disney’s TV Series The Ghost and Molly McGee. The song is sung by Molly McGee and Scratch and performed by Ashly Burch and Dana Snyder.

The Ghost and Molly McGee Theme Song Lyrics

Scratch: Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Molly: I can’t believe you’re all mine!
Scratch: Uh, what?
Molly: You and me for all time!
Scratch: Ughh!
Molly: I’m never, ever, EVER gonna be alone again!
Scratch: Oh, boy!

Molly: The dream team, you and me!
Scratch: For all eternity?!
Molly: For all eternity!
Both: It’s the ghost
It’s a ghost
And Molly McGee
Scratch: I’ve been cursed
It’s the worst!
Molly: Now you’re stuck with me!
Both: We’re never gonna be apart
Scratch: Is there a way to hit restart?
Molly: Nope!

Both: We’re the ghost
Ghost and Molly McGee
Molly: That’s me!
Scratch: Well, that’s she
Both: The Ghost and Molly McGee!

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