The Puppet Trail

The Puppet Trail is a song from Disney’s TV Series Mira Royal Detective season 1 episode 2a “Mystery at the Puppet Show”. The song is sung by Mira, Prince Neel, Priya, Mikku and Chikku and performed by Leela Ladnier, Kamran Lucas, Roshni Edwards, Kal Penn and Utkarsh Ambudkar.

 The Puppet Trail Lyrics

Mikku and Chikku: Congratulations, doll
You’ve got the part
Yeah, a part of our plan
It’s the sake of art
Mira’s so smart she’ll know what to do
Maybe they’ll find us if the follow the clues
On the road to what really matters
Gotta leave some crumbs gotta shake a tail
And hope Mira find the trail

Mira: There’s a problem to solve,
But the mystery can wait
Our friends needs our help
Prince Neel and Priya: So that’s our new case
Mira: A puppet in the path
Prince Neel: Look, there are two
Mira: Clever Mikku and Chikku, let’s follow the clues

Mira, Prince Neel and Priya: On the road to what really matters
They’ve been sending signs, now we’re on their tail
Let’s go, we’re on the trail
On the road to what really matters
Mikku and Chikku: Gotta leave some crumbs
Mira: It’s that a tail?
Mikku and Chikku: It’s snack time find the trail
Mira, Prince Neel and Priya: Speed up we’re on the trail

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