Everything is Normal

Everything is Normal is a song from Disney’s TV Series The Ghost and Molly McGee season 1 episode 18 “Out of House and Home / Home is Where the Haunt Is”. The song is sung by Molly McGee and performed by Ashly Burch.

Everything is Normal Lyrics

Molly: The sun is shining
It’s a beautiful day!
Everything is totally normal! (Normal!)
Both of us have homes at which we can play
‘Cause everything is totally normal!
Libby: Suspicious.
Molly: I’m just-
Joining a couple of clubs
So I can do all the fun activities I love!
No need to worry!
Because, as I said:
Molly and Choir: Everything is totally normal!

Molly: Badmin! (Normal!)
Molly and Choir: Show choir (Normal!)
Molly: Permanently smelling like a campfire! (Normal!)
Diorama Club, c’mon we gotta run!
What a perfect li’l house
This is so much… fun… 

Molly: Chess Club, Cheese Club
LARP n’ Kung-fu
Here, look, yearbook! We’ll do that too!
We’ve got spirit! Yes, we… Agh!
Everything is totally normal!
Libby: Riiiiight…
Molly: Everything is totally normal!
Libby: Super convincing…

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