Prepare to Be Scared

Prepare to Be Scared is a song from Disney’s TV Series The Ghost and Molly McGee season 1 episode 19 “Scaring is Caring / All Night Plight”.

Prepare to Be Scared Lyrics

She’s a terrifying beast
And she’s coming
To scare you
Doing everything she can
She’ll enter a party
And fill you with fear
Or at least
That was her plan

Claws on her hands
And a large set of fangs
It’s really
Impressive detailing
It’s a shame that her
T-Rex arms
Are just a little bit
Too short
To reach the railing
Whoa! Oof!

For terror, she’s got
An unquenchable thirst
She’ll freak you out
Real good
So long as you
Don’t hug her first
I love you

Prepare to be scared
Prepare to be scared
Why won’t you fear me?
Prepare to be scared
Prepare to be scared
I… I’m so sorry
for your loss.

She’s a monster on
A violent tear
She’s only just slightly
Beyond repair
Oh, everybody
Better beware
You’re gonna be scared

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