Halloween Songs In Disney Children’s TV Series

It’s October so it’s time write something about Halloween Songs in animation. This article is about 3 tv series: The Lion Guard, Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure (Tangled The Series) and 101 Dalmatian Street

The Lion Guard

Beware of the Zimwi it’s a song sung by Rafiki when he tries to scare Lion Guard and other kids.

Beware of the Zimwi

May There Be Peace – it’s not Halloween Song but it’s song from Halloween themed episode. The song is sung by Lion Guard.

May There Be Peace

Big Bad Kenge it’s song which can be counted as Halloween Song. The song is sung by Ushari when he described Kenge and how he big and scary.

Big Bad Kenge

Ghost of the Mountain is a last Halloween themed song from The Lion Guard. The song is sung by red pandas.

Ghost of the Mountain

Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure

Listen Up is a song sung by Ruthless Ruth and Rapunzel a bit.

Listen Up

Reverse Incantation it’s not the song from Halloween themed episode but it’s pretty scary. The song is sung by Rapunzel.

Reverse Incantation

101 Dalmatian Street

It’s a Prank it’s the only Halloween themed song from 101 Dalmatian Street. The song is sung by Dante and Triple D (Destiny, Dallas and Deja Vu)

It’s a Prank

To be continued…

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