Respectless is a song from adult animated series “Hazbin Hotel” season 1 episode 3 “Scrambled Eggs”. The song is sung by Carmilla Carmine, Velvette, and Zestial. and others and performed by Daphne Rubin-Vega, Lilli Cooper and James Monroe Iglehart.

Respectless Lyrics

Carmilla Carmine: You better show some respect!
Check your behavior, no one speaks to Zestial that way!
Did you expect us to sit back and take your insolent brazen display?

Velvette: Haha, you’ve got it twisted
I’m not the one who needs a new attitude

Maybe you missed it, but I’m that B*tch
And I will do nothing less than what I please (Woo!)
I’m the backbone of the Vees

Mad that I acted respectless?
Well, it’s ’cause no one could respect this

Sorry, group attendin’
Since when are Overlords too scared to fight?
You’re long past trendin’
Sorry, babе. But, I ain’t swipin’ right
You lost your relevance

Zestial: We can’t act without more intelligence
Velvette: Ugh, no wonder I’m so respectless
I could eat you lot for breakfast

Carmilla Carmine: You and the Vees are inane and uninformed
Smug wannabes who don’t heed when you’ve been warned

Velvette: Oops! Did I strike a nerve?
‘Cause when I brought out the angel’s head
Couldn’t help but observe
That your wrinkled face was turning red

And why are you avoidin’ war?
That’s what the guns you sell are for
Thanks to my being respectless
One thing I’m starting to suspect is
You know why this angel’s headless?
Do you have a disclosure?

Carmilla Carmine: This meeting’s over!

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