Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes is a song from adult animated series “Hazbin Hotel” season 1 episode 3 “Scrambled Eggs”. The song is sung by Vaggie and Carmilla Carmine and others and performed by Stephanie Beatriz and Daphne Rubin-Vega.

Whatever It Takes Lyrics

Zestial: What weighs on your soul, old friend?
I implore you to share the load
If it was thou who slew the angel
Why not let your strength be known?

Carmilla Carmine: I always thought that I would keep blood off my face
But when that thing attacked, I had to act
To cross that line and keep them safe
But if anyone knew, then all of Hell would rise to war
And who’s to say who’d survive the fray?
I might lose the ones that I was killing for
So I, I’ll be your keeper
Do whatever it takes, I’ll make the mistakes
I’ll keep you safe and keep this secret

Vaggie: When I saw your face
You made me feel like a stranger in a brand new place
And it felt so good to be understood
But there’s so much I wished that I could say
So I, I’ll be your armor
Do whatever it takes, I’ll make the mistakes
I’ll spend my life being your partner

Carmilla: And I don’t know what we might face
But I know I can’t replace you
So I’ll do anything to save you
Vaggie: And I will try to make your dreams come true

Both: Whatever we go through
I know I (Carmilla: I’ll be your keeper)
(Vaggie: I’ll be your armor)
Whatever it takes (Carmilla: I’ll make the mistakes)
(Vaggie: I’ll make the mistakes)
Whatever it takes

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