The Tiffin Song

The Tiffin Song is a song from Disney’s TV Series Mira Royal Detective season 1 episode 12a “The Topsy Turvy Tiffin Mystery”. The song is sung by Mikku and Chikku and performed by Kal Penn and Utkarsh Ambudkar.

The Tiffin Song Lyrics

We’re looking spiffy delevering Tiffins
Our job is all work and no play
Food is our business
The meals are nutritious
we’re here to make your day

This couldn’t have come on a better time, thank you
A flair for dramatic
We’re bringing the magic
Your lunch is just moments away

The ratings they give us
Yeah, we should sell tickets
we’re here to make your day

Hey guys, you’re doing great
Even through this is wrong
Sorry pinky
Variety is the spice of life
Hapiness in every bite
Mira will help us get it right
Right? Right?

A cow’s favorite fixin’s
Enjoy these fine dishes
Presenting a five-star display
Our mission’s ambitious
We’re serving up wishes
we’re here to make your day
Our mission’s ambitious
we’re here to make your day

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