When We’re Detectives

When We’re Detectives is a song from Disney’s TV Series Mira Royal Detective season 1 episode 11a “Mikku and Chikku: Doll Detectives”. The song is sung by Mikku and Chikku and performed by Kal Penn and Utkarsh Ambudkar.

When We’re Detectives Lyrics

If mira can do it
So can we
We’ll have our very own agency
The whole town waves and cheers for me
I think you mean for me
for me
For us

They’ll ask for help
And pay in sweets
That’ll be ten laddus please

When we’re detectives
We’ll be respected
Got magnifying glasses
It’s expected
When we’re detectives
A sign’s impressive
Mikku and Chikku
Chikku and Mikku

I can see it now
We’ll be so famous
Brilliant? distinguished, celebrate us
Mongoose is asking
Al the right questions
Who, when, where and what time lunch is

Run around in a golden rickshaw
Solving puzzles just like a jigsaw, yeah
We know Mira will be so proud
Raise a paw and sing it loud

When we’re detectives
We’ll be respected
It’s like we wrote the book
We are giving lessons
When we’re detectives
The name impressive
Mikku and Chikku
Chikku and Mikku
Depend on your perspective
When we’re detectives

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