Steven Songs

Steven Universe is a main character in TV Series Steven Universe. Zach Callison is a speaking and singing voice of Steven. Steven sings in many episodes. His solo songs: Cookie Cat, Giant Woman, Steven and the Stevens, Be Wherever You Are, Lapis Lazuli, Full Disclosure, Both of You, Still Not Giving Up, Familiar, Change Your Mind, Change, I’d Rather Be Me (With You) his duets with other characters: Strong in the Real Way, Dear Old Dad, On the Run, The Jam Song, Haven’t You Noticed (I’m a Star), Don’t Cost Nothing, Empire City, No Matter What, Found, and multi-character songs: We Are the Crystal Gems, Peace and Love on the Planet Earth, Mr. Greg, Let’s Only Think About (Love), Happily Ever After (Steven Universe), Who We Are, True Kinda Love, Finale (Steven Universe), Steven Universe Future Theme Song.


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